Minute™ Detergent-free nuclei isolation kit

The detergent-free nuclei isolation kit is designed to rapidly isolate intact nuclei from animal cultured cells or tissues (fresh or frozen). Unlike many other methods in which detergents are used to lyse the cell membranes, intact nuclei can be isolated from the samples using this patented technology in less than 20 min without using any detergent and a tissue homogenizer. One major problem associates with the use of detergent is the tendency of nuclei aggregation, which is difficult to be separated into single nucleus. To overcome this shortcoming we have developed this detergent-free nuclei isolation kit. The sample is first incubated with buffer A that sensitizes the cells for mechanical disruption. The cell suspension is rapidly passing through a specially designed tilter cartridge. The cell membranes are ruptured when passing through the filter leaving intact native nuclei in the flow through. The nuclei are separated from other small cell debris by low speed centrifugation using a proprietary buffer B. The native and intact nuclei isolated can be used for a variety of applications which include but not limited to: FACS analysis, single nucleus RNA sequencing, chromosome immunoprecipitation (ChIP), immunofluorescence staining, cell cycle analysis and/or apoptosis research.

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Minute™ detergent-free nuclei isolation kit

Minute™ detergent-free nuclei isolation kit

Kit Components

Item Amount
Buffer A 15 ml
Buffer B 30 ml
Protein extraction filter cartridges 20
Collection tubes 20
Pestles 2