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protein extraction

Yes, it is possible to extract total protein from mammalian cells in just 1 minute!

Minute™ Protein Extraction Kits

The world's leading spin column based protein extraction kits
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The Minute™ series of protein extraction kits (patents pending) developed by Invent Biotechnologies, Inc. are excellent tools for rapid and easy protein extraction/isolation from a variety of species including but not limited to mammalian, marine animals, insects, plants and bacteria. Unlike any other protein extraction kit in the market, these next generation protein extraction kits employ optimized buffer systems coupled with state of the art proprietary filter cartridge technologies (spin column) for total protein extraction, cell fractionation, and membrane protein isolation. The kits offer numerous advantages over other competing products in terms of speed, ease of use and performance.

Selection Guide of Minute™ Protein Extraction/Isolation Kits

Description Cat. No Starting Materials Status of Extracted Proteins Yield
Protocol Time
Total Protein Extraction
(For Animal Cells/Tissues)
SD-001/ SN-002 Cultured Animal Cells and Tissues Denatured/Native 2-8 1-8
Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Fractionation SC-003 Mammalian Cultured Cells/Tissues Native 1-3 6-8
Detergent-Free Total Protein Extraction
(For Animal Cells/Tissues)
SN-006 Cultured Animal Cells and Tissues Denatured/Native 1-4 5-8
Total and Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation SM-005 Mammalian Cultured Cells/Tissues Native Detergent/ EDTA -Free 1-3 20-45
Mitochondria Isolation (Mammalian) MP-007 Mammalian Cultured Cells/Tissues Native Detergent/ EDTA-Free 1-3 25-30
Total Protein Extraction
( for Plant Tissues)
SD-008/ SN-009 Fresh Plant Tissues Denatured/Native 2-8 5-8
Detergent-Free Plant Protein Extraction SN-010 Fresh Plant Tissues Native 1-5 6-8
Intact Plant Chloroplast Isolation CP-011 Fresh Plant Tissues (5-200 mg/sample) Chloroplast (>90%) Intact 1-4 5
Bacterial Total Protein Extraction SB-004 Cultured Bacterial Cells Denatured 2-3 2-3
Nuclear Envelope Protein Extraction Kit NE-013 Cultured cells or Cells from Tissues Native 1-3 45
Histone/DNA Binding Protein Extraction Kit HP-014 Cultured cells or Cells from Tissues Denatured 1-2.5 <10
Total Protein Extraction Kit for Microbes with Thick cell walls YT-015 Cultured Microbes Denatured/Native 2-5 <10 min
Detergent-Free Protein Extraction Kit for Microbes with Thick Cell Walls YD-016 Cultured Microbes Denatured/Native 2-4 <10 min
Yeast Mitochondria Enrichment Kit YM-017 Cultured Yeast Native 2-3 1h
Plant Microsomal Membrane Extraction Kit MM-018 Plant tissues Native 2-3 1h
Protein / Nucleic Acid Extraction
(from gel slices)
PN-019 PAGE/Agarose gels Denatured/Native NA 10-20 min
Protein extraction from hair, nail, wool and horn HD-021 Keratinized tissues Denatured 1-2 5 min hand on
Total Protein Extraction from Adipose Tissues AT-022 Adipose Tissues/Adipocytes Native/Denatured 2-3 20 min
Adipose Tissue Fractionation AF-023 Adipose Tissues/Adipocytes Native 0.5-1 20 min
Protein Extraction for Fixed and Embedded Tissues FE-025 FFPE Denatured 2-3 1h

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