Minute™ Total Protein Extraction Kit for Animal Cultured Cells and Tissues

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Invent Biotechnologies Minute™ total protein extraction kit for animal cultured cells and tissues is composed of optimized cell lysis buffer and protein extraction filter cartridges with 2.0 ml collection tubes. The kit is designed to rapidly extract total proteins from animal cells and tissues (invertebrate and vertebrate) for protein analysis and further purification. Since protein profiles extracted by denaturing and native cell lysis buffer are not identical, for a given application one might be superior to the other. This kit provides both denaturing and native cell lysis buffers for users to test and select the best one for a specific application. Due to the use of the protein extraction filter cartridges, the extraction volume can be as small as 20 µl and as large as 500 ul. This unique feature is very useful in situations where available starting material is a limiting factor. Total proteins can be extracted from cultured cells/tissues in 1-8 min with high yield (2-8 mg/ml). Extracted proteins can be use as a good starting material for protein analysis and small scale protein purification in column chromatography.

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