Minute™ Cell Suspension Isolation Kit from Fresh/Frozen Tissues

Obtaining quality cell suspension from fresh and/or frozen tissues is an important first step for subsequent analysis such as flow cytometry analysis (FACS) and nucleic acid purification. Cell suspensions can be isolated from tissues by one or a combination of the following three mechanisms: chemical tissue dissociation, enzymatic digestion and physical separation. Many methods are unduly tedious and time consuming. Most importantly, cells in the tissue especially frozen tissue are usually damaged and show low integrity and viability. It is very difficult to obtain high viability cell suspension from frozen tissues with high connective tissue contents such as liver, kidney and brain tissues. We have developed a simple and rapid method for isolating cell suspension from fresh or frozen tissues using a combination of chemical tissue dissociation and physical separation mechanisms. The protocol can be finished in about 20 min with high cell integrity and viability.

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Cell Suspension Isolation Kit from Fresh/Frozen Tissues

Kit Components

Item Amount/Number
Tissue dissociation buffer 15 ml
1.5 ml microfuge tube 50
Pestles for 1.5 ml tube 2