Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.

Founded in 2010, Invent Biotechnologies, Inc. is an early stage biotech company located in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA. As the pioneer of spin-column based protein extraction/isolation technologies, we have successfully developed the Minute™ series products for protein extraction and sub-cellular fractionation suitable for all living organisms, of which many are unique and exclusive globally. Being the fastest and most sophisticated line of products for protein research, Minute™ brand has been gaining popularity in biomedical research, drug discovery and agricultural studies in just a few years after the initial launch of the products.

More innovative products using our proprietary technologies are under development. Invent Biotechnologies, Inc. posses multiple proprietary technologies and strong R&D capability. Large scale protein extraction/purification and high throughput sample prep will be the focus of future development. Our mission is to dominate the world’s protein sample preparation market in the foreseeable future.